Dariynn Silver (pronounced Dare*ee*yin) creates music that makes you feel. With bigger emotions than most people can handle, and music as a beautiful escape, Dariynn Silver explores the mystery in music and lives to expose it. Her music has a heavy dependency on honesty, depth, and originality.

While living in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Dariynn has been part of different indie-rock/alternative/folk bands. She has performed over 100 shows and collaborated with many talented musicians & producers. Her latest collab recording project released summer 2016 with the band Hide in You. It has been featured in 24OurMusic, Permanent Rain Press & CranbrookCity.com.

In 2017, Dariynn stepped out as a solo artist and started a year-long songwriting project called SELF / SCRIPTS. She is writing and releasing 1-2 songs a month for the whole year. Every song is based on a different emotion observed. The purpose of this project was self-discovery. Through observing emotions and motivations, she learns more about identity, purpose and healthy growth. Also, by creating music that is formed with internal honesty, she aims to challenge her listeners to think, and face depth in their own lives. Dariynn releases all of her SELF / SCRIPTS songs to her supporters on patreon.com/dariynn as soon as they are finished. A few weeks later, the songs release online through streaming/downloading sites.

In addition to SELF / SCRIPTS, I love to write for projects. If you have a video/ad/film/game/restaurant that you need custom music for, please contact me! We will work together and create something beautiful.