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I love lyrics. I love the way they fit into music to easily describe what we want to say. I love the phrasing, rhythm and the way certain words sound. I love how our heart can be expressed and understood through language.

But, there is something so vast in music without words. Expression is not lost. I even think it’s magnified. Music speaks. It almost feels like it’s crawling into every empty space in my body. Without words telling me how to feel, I’m released to connect with whatever part of me that needs to be heard. Often, I don’t even know what it is. But, I know I’m understood. It’s spiritual.

As I wrote the music for this song, the notes seemed to carry enough melody to speak. To whatever it is I need to hear. In this case, I felt wonder.

See, I had sent my iPhone into Apple to get repaired. So I was phone-less for 2 weeks. I noticed so much extra space in my life. Like, the time it takes to get a drink made at Hot Shots or the quiet when I’m eating lunch alone in an empty kitchen. I’m so guilty of mindlessly checking my feed in the unfilled seconds of my day. But, with my head up and my hands empty, I would observe and think. One day in particular, I was waiting in my car. I had 20 minutes to kill, so I got out and walked down some random streets of Cranbrook. Streets, I don’t think I’ve ever been down. I just watched. I noticed old, beautiful houses, kids on their bikes, the sky, and busy people in their cars almost running me over.

All this appreciation and observation of life. I let my mind run free to explore. Everything from time, to color, to history, people, nature, earth, the galaxy. When you lift your head up, you get opportunity to feel wonder.


It’s everywhere.

This song explored thought and observation. Just like how I described instrumental music before, I don’t think wonder is direct. It’s too big to be contained. This vast feeling crawls into the empty spaces. I’m letting the music speak here.

Once I had the song done…I couldn’t resist but add strings. I sent the song to my friend, Zach Smith, to record cellos for this song. Incredible. He perfectly expressed the feeling for this song! I am speechless again!

Here’s a few words from Zach (artist for all the SELF / SCRIPTS covers) explaining the thought behind this piece.

“Wonder is a feeling that is probably a little bit different for everyone. Everyone has something that feels wondrous to them. For this artwork, I wanted to visualize something that represented that feeling for everyone; the magic of being amazed and in awe. Space is an idea that I think everyone has a sense of wonder for. No one really has a full grasp on it, and we’re discovering new things about it all the time!

The final art consists of an abstract collection of stars inside a galaxy. Along the bottom, I created a rough horizon line to give the aspect of viewing space from earth, creating a sense of Wonder.” – Zach Silver

What I Learned

Keep my head up, observe, chase wonder.

I hope you find wonder, too.

Thanks for listening and supporting Self / Scripts! I appreciate it all so much.


I have eternal gratefulness for these guys who helped make this song:

Zach Smith – Cellos

Dan MacNeil, twisted cable studios – Mixing

Zach Silver, reflect design co. – Percussion & Art


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